Sex dating in parkfield california

The facility has been the subject of controversy as it has been deemed by some to be a place of unconstitutionally punitive detention for those fraudulently deemed both dangerous and mentally ill despite the state knowing otherwise. could be subject to post-sentence imprisonment at Coalinga State Hospital. California law allows so-called sexually violent predators to be committed to the facility indefinitely (under Jessica's Law) while they are receiving treatment. Approximately 1/3 of inhabitants take part in the Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP)..

It is a maximum security facility labelled (by the government of the state of California) as a "civil-commitment facility" and others as a prison. The state’s position is that they are offering CSH’s inhabitants adequate treatment; namely, what the state refers to as its Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP).

This includes 900,000 gsf for clinical services and programs, 158,000 gsf for support services, 75,000 gsf for administration, and 67,000 gsf for plant operations.

Live bands play all day on a cozy stage and fans enjoy late night sets in the Parkfield Cafe.Three-quarters of CSH's 850-plus detainees refuse to participate in a core treatment program, undermining a central piece of Coalinga State Hospital's purported mission.The vast majority refuse to participate beyond the first phase of a five-phase therapy regimen.Every Mother's Day weekend Parkfield's population leaps from a mere 18 to over a thousand bluegrass pickers, pluckers and fun-loving fans.For two decades, music fans have savored the natural beauty and peaceful ambiance of the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival.Only 25 to 30 percent of sexually violent predators consent to participate in the active phases of California's sex offender treatment program.

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