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Ian Bell, chairman of the Pembrokeshire Hotels and Restaurants Association is no lover of the Government's proposals.However, he concedes that views have changed since 1979's four-to-one defeat of devolution proposals: "I reckon today it's 60-40 against an assembly." His hotel stands on a bluff overlooking Saundersfoot, a tidy resort which received a share of the 70,000 tons of oil which spewed from the stricken Sea Empress at Milford Haven 18 months ago.This is an extraordinary place, a rocky cove pitted and turreted like the surface of the moon.A geologist's paradise and a swimmer's nightmare, it's only accessible by steep steps, and you can easily get cut off by the tide and stranded there.It's simply that I've started to write thrillers, and I'm constantly searching for good places to kill off my characters.

Even long-standing opponents detect faint signs of change.

I've been visiting Pembrokeshire off and on for the last 20 years, so when it came to writing my crime debut, The House on the Cliff, I chose to set the more sinister parts of it there.

The location of the house in the novel is based on The Druidstone Hotel, overlooking St Bride's Bay.

But if you can persuade them what fun this will be, it's not a bad way to plan a holiday itinerary.

And there are few places in Britain that are more suited to such a task than Pembrokeshire, West Wales, where a stunning landscape of mountains, beaches, forests and moors allows the gothic imagination to run wild.

Today the beaches have recovered from the disaster which pushed Pembrokeshire into the news and up the political agenda.

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