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The two spells were not targeted at a specific person.

Rather, they were written in such a way that the person who cast the spell would only need to insert the name of the person being targeted — sort of like an ancient "Mad Libs." [In Photos: Two Ancient Curses Discovered in Italy] Researchers date the two spells to the third century A.

Archaeologists Bernard Grenfell and Arthur Hunt discovered the spells in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt, more than 100 years ago, among a haul of hundreds of thousands of papyri.

Over the past century, scientists have gradually studied and translated the papyri.

He gave her many reasons why they could not formally marry but persuaded her to sign a urfi marriage contract.A DNA test has to be done." "She has a lot of hassles and difficulties," she says."It will also affect her reputation because as a woman in Middle Eastern culture she cannot marry another man." 'Excuses'It is difficult to get young women who have had bad experiences of urfi marriages to speak about them but one told us her story through a lawyer.They consummated their union at her house when her parents were out at work.However the woman became nervous after her mother confronted her about blood on her bed sheets.Religious customs and ideas of social propriety in Egypt do not permit them to take their relationships much further.

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