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There’s a lot of categories of that that we can get into, but then there’s broad debate. It is not hard at all to “impugn the intent” of Holocaust or Sandy Hook deniers. The idea that these people are wrong but are making honest mistakes in good faith is nonsense.Facebook’s stance on this is genuinely detrimental to society.My first take on this is that Google ought to be able to do these things.I largely disagreed with the US antitrust case against Microsoft back in the ’90s too, and in broad strokes the charges are remarkably similar.

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The procedure for the replacement has also changed from the previous model.

Repair documentation and service videos will be available when keycaps parts begin shipping.

Some of the principles that Fuchsia creators are pursuing have already run up against Google’s business model.

Google’s ads business relies on an ability to target users based on their location and activity, and Fuchsia’s nascent privacy features would, if implemented, hamstring this important business.

As yet, there’s little difference of behavior from elected Republicans. What veteran foreign policy or diplomatic hands say on CNN is not the most important thing.

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