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Later that evening at a large mansion in a far western suburb of Chicago, Veronica handed her coat and purse to a hat check girl and retired to the changing room where she was greeted by the Kim, the dressing room attendant with, “Good evening, Mrs.

Thorpe, would you care to have some assistance with your clothing!?!

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” “Oh, god, I love it,” Veronica whispered hoarsely, while nosing the young woman’s slit, “may I suck on it for you, it looks very needy!?!

Thorpe, and do a good job, she’s had quite a long day!

” “Yes, ma’am,” Joanne replied to her boss before turning her attention to Veronica, “follow me please, I have a private changing room set up and ready to go!

” With a small smile breaking across her face, Joanne replied, “My nipples are extremely sensitive, I can even have an orgasm just from getting them sucked on!

” “Really,” Roni replied hoarsely, “may I touch them!?!

“My, your breasts are simply huge,” Joanne said while cupping and softly twisting her hard nipples, “what size bra do you wear!?!

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