Sign he is interested in dating

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Once you’ve identified some communication changes, assess his actions, and then start addressing the issue by talking to him, seeking advice from others, and focusing on yourself.Here’s how to tell for sure: The first sign that a guy isn’t that into you is that he won’t give you time.He doesn’t respond to your texts or emails quickly (within 24 hours), is evasive when it comes to meeting up, and generally seems to put everything else in his life ahead of you.Many women make the mistake of taking physical passion as a sign of deepening emotional intimacy. You can be the best lover in the world but if only one part of his anatomy is interested, it doesn’t mean the rest of him is too. Holding hands, stroking, touching, kissing and cuddling – that doesn’t lead to sex – are all ways men show that their affection is more than just sexual.Is he always the centre of attention, in the bedroom and out?You shouldn’t have to beg for a scrap of his attention or back him into a corner to get a date with him.

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