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So, if you’re marrying a Thai or you’re just looking to broaden your worldly perspective, here’s how it’s done.Note: Please bear in mind that these pictures are from my own wedding and we are not wearing the traditional dress.As in wedding parties all over the world, the bride and groom will choose any number of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen that they like.However, it is rare to see a best man or matron of honour.His way will be blocked by a series of gates held up by the bride’s maids and various family members.The gates are commonly made from a necklace or belt made of gold.

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In many Thai-foreigner relationships the engagement often follows the western tradition of being a romantic one-on-one occasion that is then announced to others afterwards.The meanings of the items range from health and prosperity to fertility and long life.Additionally, the traveling guests will also carry various foods such as fruits and desserts.We also held our wedding in a hotel, as opposed to the family home.However, where possible, I have used pictures that support each traditional aspect.The traditional bridal dress can vary a bit with about six different styles of outfit.

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