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His marriage with Suzanne has been a loveless one for many years and they sleep in separate beds.

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As she is very naïve and was once taken advantage of, Alan and Katherine act as her "protectors." She is nicknamed "Honey Pie" by Suzanne, only in private and "Aims" by Alan.

She is Amy Pestridge's best friend, a high school junior, in the gifted and talented track, and a member of the varsity cheerleading squad.

Ron Plummer: The thirty-eight year old husband of Susan and adoptive father of Alan and Katherine, he is virtually an absentee husband and father.

She has a stand-offish, blunt demeanor, but is fiercely passionate. She has a very Nordic appearance and stands at five foot nine inches tall with light blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.

While regarded as one of the most beautiful girls in school, she has yet to date or have sex at the beginning of the story, partly because few admirers have the guts to ask her out and partly because she finds it easier to say "no" than to deal with romance or sex.

He is closest to his son and spends time fishing with him.

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