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“It’s okay, because what I’ve realized is that I’m just not emotionally available right now,” I said, in my best mock-Californian. is specifically designed for singles from Kingston Upon Thames and across the UK, looking for more from an online dating website in Kingston Upon Thames.I excused myself at the final ding, and escaped downstairs for a wee.As I washed my hands the toilet door behind me flew open and Janet appeared in my mirror.And, stepping off the South West cattle cart stuffed with workers in various stages of mental undo, my Oyster in the red because the agent at Finsbury Park had grossly underestimated how much it would take to get to Zone Six, I got the sick sensation of maybe having to eat my preconceived notions.It was the blackest of nights, as if designed to set off the dazzlingly white, art deco station, with its elegant rectangles and romantic sans-serif fontage, to best advantage. Closing my eyes, I sensed cocos nucifera, hummingbird and murdered starlet on the breeze; until an ear-cracking wind slammed into me, knocking the fantasy out cold (I hadn’t worn a hat, lest I get hat-hair for the date(s)).Kingston Upon Thames and London (Greater) dating website for single men and women in Kingston Upon Thames and surrounding counties.The weekend is coming up and we are hosting a fabulous Friday Night Social for 30s to 50s at the glamorous Trapeze Bar - join us for a fantastic night of meeting like minded men and women. Set over 2 levels and bathed in circus glamour, Trapeze Bar aims to excite anyone who comes in.

I ordered two rum and cokes (normal, not spiced – we’re not complete Jezebels), and asked myself the question every speed dater sporting two X chromosomes must: why were we bothering to pay fifteen smackers to meet men when there were so many free ones lying about? Rhi had been out the night before, and could barely stop her eyes from shutting; if I still smoked, I would’ve propped them open with matchsticks.“I work for a university, but I’m not a screaming left winger…just moderately,” he confessed with a shy smile in the last thirty seconds.Before long, we were joined by Janet, our third stooge, who wafted in out of the cold looking like she might be naked under her snow coat. My nanna had died the day before, but I figured she would’ve wanted me to find love, even if I didn’t.She’d died her hair Bratislava Red but, despite her make-up, looked wan. Fresh-torn from an eight-year relationship, I was still an open wound under my sticking-plaster smile.We have interest groups to meet like minded singles, free introduction messages, and many other features to find your match in London (Greater).

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