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In 2012 legislation amendments defined two types of highways: motorways and expressways.

There is a dual carriageway connecting the port city of Durrës with Tirana, Vlorë, and partially Kukës.

In Australia, a highway is a distinct type of road from freeways, expressways, and motorways.

The word highway is generally used to mean major roads connecting large cities, towns and different parts of metropolitan areas.

There are three official Motorway segments in Albania marked with an "A" (Autostradë): Thumanë–Milot–Rrëshen–Kalimash (A1), Levan–Vlorë (A2), and partly Tirane–Elbasan (A3).

Most rural segments continue to remain in bad conditions as their reconstruction has only begun in the late 2000s by the Albanian Development Fund [2].

Belgian highways are indicated by the letter "A" and a European number, with E numbers being used most often.

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