Speed dating match sheet


On the appropriate night, you drive to a local venue, perhaps a coffee shop, pay the very reasonable fee (much cheaper than popcorn and a movie for two), and then tell the organizer your age range, which might be 20-29, 30-39, or 40 and up.Each age range is awarded a specific time block in the evening in which to mingle with the opposite sex.If you pick, say, “Harry” as the one you are “interested” in on your sheet of paper, and Harry checks “interested” by your name on his sheet of paper, then you have a match.The speed dating organizer then calls both parties and gives the corresponding phone numbers.

I played dumb and asked him what Edgar Cayce was all about, knowing full well that it is a cult founded by a man people claimed was psychic. I was disappointed I couldn’t hear more from these single men.

I found out he was Jewish and had some hard times with the church, so he didn’t really do the church thing anymore. Soon followed a skinny guy who mentioned he used to go to church.

He liked playing volleyball, so I told him to call my church because one of the members there played in a city league. Then came the blonde-haired guy who I had eyed earlier walking in. I think it was because he had a good sense of humor. Without flinching, he told me he didn’t go because he found the preaching boring and ill-prepared. And then he added, “I am not against going to church.” I couldn’t tell if that was an honest answer or just a way to please me.

Then when the appointed hour comes, the single women are asked to disperse themselves around the room, one woman per table, and the single gentlemen are then asked to go from table to table when given the go ahead from the organizer.

You have exactly six minutes to talk about anything that pops into your head with that person of the opposite sex.

And then there was the guy who worked at the Edgar Cayce Institute.

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