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Experienced club members can provide guidance and assistance to the novice flier.Younger model enthusiasts who have been exposed to ready-to-fly R/C models are encouraged to build old timers - many small businesses now provide kits and parts aimed exclusively at the old timer.Here are the organizations and SAM 26 individuals that would enjoy talking with you - if you have that urge to fly something different and would like to have a vintage model plan pinned to your building board, then contact our club officers. SAM has a terrific old timer newsletter, SAM Speaks, which contains ads for many of the old timer suppliers.The SAM 26 newsletter is an informative, monthly tome which is equally valuable to the novice and experienced flier.Adult brown pelican near Avila, CA on San Luis Bay. If you have any interest in pelicans, be sure and watch the movie, "Pelican Dreams," which may be obtained from the website, or may be streamed from the usual sources. The price of this work is .95 and can be ordered from your favorite bookseller.

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It's a shame that today's youth are bombarded with stuff that comes out of the box looking like the final product.PRODUCTS AVIATION ART OF STEVE REMINGTON DIVERSE IMAGES English Pewter Models COLLECTIBLES INFO FRIEND OR FOE?MUSEUM SUBMARINES EPHEMERA ORIGINAL ARTWORK WORLD WAR II STORIES ART PRINTS AVIATION BOOKS VINTAGE MODEL AIRPLANE KITS VINTAGE KITS ANNEX VINTAGE KITS ANNEX 2 VINTAGE KITS ANNEX 3 VINTAGE KITS ANNEX 4VINTAGE KITS ANNEX 5 VINTAGE KITS ANNEX 6 VINTAGE MODEL ENGINES TAILSPIN TOMMY Comic Strip VINTAGE TRANSPORTATION TOYS PLASTIC KITS OF 1950s and 60s STROMBECKER HISTORY WOODASON AIRCRAFT MODELS HISTORY GOOD STUFF - P-40 ETC.As a number of kits have been sold, I will be posting many new kits, both flying scale and solid, during the coming months. I have been disappointed with the condition of some kits purchased on e Bay auctions. The Dartmouth student is unimportant but the model is intriguing; I cannot find a 1930s kit that exactly corresponds to this model.I try to give you the true condition of kits that I offer with an honest appraisal of box condition (scale of 1 to 10 where "10" would be fresh out of the factory never opened - not many 10s around) and contents along with suitable pictures. The model is of the one-off, supercharged Consolidated Y1P-25; however, the ailerons don't match (the wing appears to be the YP-24), planform is close, cockpit sort of corresponds, supercharger and color scheme correct, prop and spinner arrangement is correct - the four guns on the wing, however, are fanciful.modified with a Cox .049 to qualify for SAM's 1/2A Texaco contest category; has a Futaba 2.4 GHz receiver.

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