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It also shows the situation at station level in relation to the different European Union and World Health Organization air quality standards.

It provides a snapshot of air quality based on data from official monitoring stations (via Air Quality e-reporting) in the cities included in the Urban Audit project.As of early this morning, the account was still visible, with Twitter users meticulously going through his tweets and posting screenshots. The company typically does not discuss why it suspends individual accounts, although it’s a bit surprising that it took this long.In a Twitter stream dating back more than five years, antagonistic tweets were routinely directed at the main account and the account of some of its journalists, in particular, Eric Hartley, a columnist who wrote about a court case involving Ramos in 2011.This report presents an updated overview and analysis of air quality in Europe.It is focused in the state in 2013 and the development from 2004 to 2013.In it, Hartley described how Ramos stalked a former high school classmate on Facebook before ultimately pleading guilty to harassment.

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