Superbowl commercial dating service

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As Super Bowl 50 proved to be a defensive battle on the field, it was that way in the ads, as well.

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Then you have Ray Lewis, the future Hall of Fame linebacker and former Super Bowl MVP that will retire after the game. Some, including Wes Welker's wife, will remember Lewis more for the murder charge he dodged in 2000 while others will recall the leader he was on the field, even if he needed to use a banned deer-antler spray to recover from an 2012 tricep injury.

You have the two quarterbacks, Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick, both looking for their first Super Bowl ring.

Flacco looks to have the edge, signing an endorsement deal with the only gummy bears guaranteed to make you run faster and jump higher, Haribo. But to the casual fan, there may be nothing more exciting about Super Bowl Sunday than the commercials.

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