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It is sometimes at the narrow end of the mounting board on the front and sometimes it is given in an elaborate fashion on the reverse of the card.

These pages of the LOST GALLERY will present all of the CABINET CARDS in the collection where the photographer is known.

Weir is a very small town in the south east corner of Kansas and it was even smaller in 1904. The two cards with the single ruled line were probably from the earlier period and the card with the orange printing is probably later. A photographer and camera could relocate easily and quickly.

Although the Gazetteer says it has a population of 3,600, there are only about 150 names listed, living in the city. In later years, after 1909, the name S L Masten appears occasionally in association with trotter-style horse races. Mc Fadden, res 55 Appleton, bus sect as Mc Fadden and Shaw, photographers at 913 Washington with William F. One could work out of Joplin or Springfield, MO, or most probably Pittsburg, KS and take in a number of small towns in the area by train or wagon.

Records show he relocated his studio at least three times, so the addresses and dates might help date a cabinet card. He apparently practiced photography as a sideline as there doesn’t seem to be any mention of it other than the 1880 US Census.

1900 (US Census) 1105 Truelove 1907 (city directory) 205 n Commerce 1910 (city directory) 218 n Commerce 1913 (city directory) 11 w Elm The cabinet card at the left could have been done any time between about 19. The cabinet card here was probably done near that year.

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1906 Mar 15 Girard (KS) Press item real estate transfer to S L Masten in Cherokee, KS 1907 Topeka, KS, city directory NO listing for Masten 1908 Nov 03 Pittsburg (KS) Daily Headlight item Masten has opened a photograph gallery in Weir, KS; item also mentions that he was also recently located in Joplin (MO) and Parsons (KS) 1909 Dec 29 Galena (KS) Evening News item notice to pick up mail in Galena, KS 1909 Topeka, KS, city directory NO listing for Masten 1910 Coffeeville, KS city directory NO listing for Masten 1910 Sep 09 (Ottawa KS) Evening News item places S L Masten in Coffeeville, KS 1911 Aug 17 St Mary’s (KS) Star item places S L Masten residence in Topeka, KS 1912 Sep 09 Topeka (KS) Daily Capital item horse race list places Masten residence as Topeka, KS 1912 Topeka, KS, City directory NO listing for Masten 1913 Aug 14 St Mary’s (KS) Star item places S L Masten residence as Topeka, KS No biographical information has been found so far for S L Masten. Mc Fadden 1887 Boston, MA, city directory unavailable 1888 Boston, MA, city directory unavailable 1889 (Boston, MA, city directory) James A. Glines is photographer at 6 Winter 1890 (Boston, MA, city directory) James A. Mcfadden bds at 55 Appleton; Neither Mc Fadden nor Shaw are listed in the business section 1891 Boston, MA, city directory unavailable 1892 (Boston, MA, city directory) James A. It may not be possible to pinpoint the one who had studios in Golden City and Lockwood, MO.

Our sources say there are a lot of hurt feelings among those close to the couple ... We're told Faith's son, CJ Wallace -- her child with Biggie Smalls -- is especially upset ... The sources think Stevie J knew if Faith started telling friends and family she was marrying him, they would talk her out of it. friends and family members were blowing up Faith's phone Wednesday, asking her why she did it. Faith and Stevie tied the knot in their hotel room around PM Tuesday. We're told a number of friends and fam are so bitter ...

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Ig E-mediated hypersensitivity to ingested animal products, including both mammalian and avian sources, is increasingly appreciated as an important form of food allergy.

Traditionally described largely in children, it is now clear that allergy to meat (and animal viscera) impacts both children and adults and represents a heterogeneous group of allergic disorders with multiple distinct syndromes.

their loved ones and close friends were blindsided as well, and they're not happy about it. they were never given a heads-up marriage was even a possibility. getting ready for a London trip, and Stevie was just in Atlanta for 'Love & Hip Hop' ...

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