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Then again, my style with online dating has always been to avoid prolonging the exchange of messages in favor of arranging an actual date where I can talk to the guy over a meal or after a movie.Finally, for what it's worth, I'm a young woman, and my two weeks on OKC has presented me with Thank you for your perspective.I'd hate the thought of passing on a girl based on a gut reaction to her looks when I might have absolutely loved her had I given her a chance.

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I hope it ends up being worth the trouble for you and you find someone great.I am part of a really large group of friends all 25-35 who are mostly single and we always go to these events. OKC has metrics for compatibility based on responses to questions as well as the ability to craft a persona with a self-summary, etc.The one on July 6th is at Le Moyne Center For The Visual Arts, there is a Facebook event page for it somewhere, if nothing else it's free drinks! I was under the impression that tinder was just a casual hookup app. But as a young professional who has recently dipped back into the dating world, I've actually found Tinder much more conducive to meeting people and setting up actual dates. For me, they are just a gateway to meeting people I seem attracted to based on the info I'm presented with--which to me doesn't seem all that different from striking up conversation with someone you find attractive at a bar or other social setting.Long story short, I lost my wife last year and have finally come to terms with the fact that I've got to get back out there and start again.The upside is I'm still young (30) with a good career.I'm not against online dating since I have met girls online (through sites of common interest, not dating sites) before but I'd prefer a more organic start to the process.

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