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Entiand, and the 1 other two etplor- ; ehs Will soon be'back In America. I'cnnsyl- will meet Michigan for the third i|4 ilia ·'iiiccesstbn,'- Franklin field, Pt OIMielpbla, tmlnir the \ground on w'htcbtlihi'yenr'ii'gnme'wlll be played. Ht NCW MHv«n: Harvard A-nr- sus .-wmintns *at Cmmbrtdiw; ' Princeton: veraus Pordham'-at Princeton; Penn versus W«st . Syracuco versus Michigan at Ann Arbor; Brown versus Arnh«rst Ajtsl«s at IVovldcnco; Dartmouth versus Holy Cross nt Hanover. Florine Sweetihan lias won Rreat praise forlhe^r work; in the zoic of ' Molly alwaya,bappy, always gay: :«**; hypnotic dance and her rendering of "\ ama:·: Yania'f ; ,areino8t fascinating.

Interactional battles : will be more popular this year than ever. Haveit;, Har:vard '· .versus Wesl 1 Point »t'"West -Point;-' Princeton veraus Annapolis at Ahnapolld; Teun veraus Car- ilclft Indians at ·Phlladtflphlb: Cornell vor- «us ·Wiilla Ithaca; . He , JB a wonderfully fclever dancer and has a most delightful voice, which is a rarity among our prominent comedians.

\VKlne»d*J',i8ept.»--Tale voraus Won- leyan *t i.

The biggest ship talked of for the United States navy is to be about 25,000 tons. A unique series of experiments ID American, country life Is now being conducted lu tbe Imperial valley, m southern California. I have been appointed representative In the United Sjtates." "The canal will be completed in 1915. game in ·question was positively a victory for Thurmont, either by u score of 7 to 5 6r by the visitors havltig left the Held 1 ' Und foifelted 'the game. Dining the first pivt of the game, the vieiiore were a safe mac RIO, of this eighth'inning thejfcore stood 5 to ·1 in fiivor of the;, visitors, with Cannon, for Yellow Spring*, fa'lrly hummercd out of tbe box, uud Sterner, of Thurmont, na stwuly n» ever. grsled that the gnmc be called off rather than decision stand. pub- lishe U in your is Miqof August 31,1 wish to state that the. The Thurmont players objected and some of the players and spectators aug-. day'-landings'in-New- York hare been- common ever since the christening days of Lucunln and Campitula, flfteeu yearsago. · · ·.'"'.·', .·'..^'·: ',:·;.'."l-:*t'-- ! : ' Distance from Haunt's Hock lightship to ^Ambrose Channel lightship, K.784 miles. t "Qhe'day the banker, drove out in th country with a friend and they passed the farm of had taken-ad vantage o f ' the statute of limitation The farmer was Btendioginhis field when tlie Hwo-mel *drc-VB r:by;--= The banker flpted some-Uwgc pumpkins and wked the farmer what he would take for 'them The farmer said 25 cents apiece. The banker selected two of the -pumpkins and had them in hi* buggy. The same day his lawyer began suit agains 1 the borrower, alleging that a payment hnd been made and that it brought the obligation again within the law. T h e banker collected every cent of the debt « n-nndcr he is saving those putnp- WORLD' S FAIR IN PANAMA. A Itussiah nobleman- wlio visited Txndon a; few wccks'iago; said .that''he cared little whetbw-tfie "style wa^. v; Number^bt poasenceraj'und crow, 2.800.' : , -." . i#^:;^£%c,- : .- W-'--' ···;.''· · ''···· : ': S' / --- ; ' ·-"^e'banker^knesr^that was;true;'; i the borrower didn't/want to pay it be couldn't be made to pay it. " · '"Oh, you can pay me the next time you come along,'said'the farmer. ,\"t'he banker pulled out the note, anc in.thoprefcnceof the borrower and the companion who was riding 'with him he made an entry crediting him 50 cents- on the note, and then drove ^p town.. Thornton, who presided at n recent conference of the foreman'tailors of Txndon, men's dress will soon undergo a great change nnd the present styles will give way to "more classic'" garments/ Knoo breeches and fancy waistcoats'wil L be introduced, and the superiority- ff these garments over today's long'trousers aud waistcoats will Insure' their' popularity. .i^n^rder, taqualify for this rolkpfjf, v neoe«M*ry. Several hsvc already qualified for the lol'.-of it is expected that a very interesting match will be played. This department Is for the free ex- prmlou of the people, niul all contribution* properly slcncd and coutlittl lu respectful laii- vuate will be wckoiou.l THAT OAMK AT TIIUKMONT. In reply to the report of a game between Tburmonl and Yellow Springs at Thurraon(,oii Au^uat 28. _ Owing to the demand for copies of T»BJAit Y NBwscon Wnlng'the reeipea of THE NBWA Cookiog School, which hk'« been exhausted,a*d Tor th* con- venfeno B of tboae who dealre to prcserve *«« n V5luib Ie recipe*, Tm« News ha« eomp Mn Wn book form all tbe recipe* published from day to day, and they will be Bold at 10 cent* a copjr; mailed to any address. v -The iflve^la'yi hont came along ten years later.- 4 Prl-?

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