Tick dating older and wiser

His comment highlighted the enduring stereotype that old age is all about decline and illness, rather than what is often an opportunity to have a second (or even a third or fourth) shot at life.While major advertisers and marketers are now starting to realise the value of the Grey Pound, there’s another area of life where it’s still virtually taboo to talk about old age – and that’s the workplace.

It’s actually been pretty easy since we have a bunch of acoustic arrangements of songs from our 2016 acoustic tour.We put more thought into what we’re gonna play, what we’re gonna look like, how the stage is gonna look, et cetera. We have a touring keyboard player, Gabe, because there are some pretty important keyboard parts on the new records.Looking back on your past records can you give readers one word that comes to mind when you think of them?My influences have definitely expanded over the years, but the early influences are all still there.What have you been listening to of late that you’ve been digging? Your upcoming tour will feature an acoustic and electric set.It’s estimated that the over 50s comprise over a third of the total UK workforce – but in a culture that appears to value youth above all else, their experience is often undervalued and even cast aside.

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