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Our list below deals exclusively with woman magazines that pay writers.

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This publication does not accept full manuscripts or articles. Payment would be negotiated if you get a commissioned article. Loundoun Woman Pay: Unspecified Loundoun Woman caters for women and their families in the Loundoun county. Lilith Magazine Pay: Unspecified Lilith Magazine publishes high-quality pieces of fiction, poetry (and more) on subjects of interest to the average Jewish woman.They work with an editorial calendar, so they like writers to pitch their ideas months ahead of time, in order to get a commissioned article. They expect articles to be between 500 and 2,500 words in length. That’s Life Magazine Pay: 0 That’s Life covers topics related to Australian women; ranging from humor to pets and fiction.There’s an electronic submissions’ form, so please make yourself familiar with this when querying. They encourage prospective freelancers to submit pieces between 600 and 2,600 words in length. I'm Bamidele Onibalusi, a young writer and blogger.Do peruse the editorial needs published on their site.Payment is negotiated with the editor, and made within 45 days of publication. Vela Magazine Pay: Unspecified Vela Magazine publishes new and established writers and concentrates on non-fiction written by women.Essence works on query basis only, so no unsolicited articles are accepted. This widely-read publication works on a query basis only.

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