Tips for red headed men dating


I was floored — these were some high-caliber dudes filling up my inbox. It's the ultimate man-repeller shade — it's bright, unnatural, and looks like it will smear across your face after some late-night mackin'.

I uploaded the photo along with pics of me in five other shades, ranging from pink to brown to nude, and started swiping.

So when a coworker brought up a theory that men respond more positively to red lipstick than any other shade, all five heads on the beauty team instantly turned to me. "Do men like red lipstick better than other colors?

Because, you see, not only am I a serial non-monogamist, but I'm also a red-lipstick obsessive. " (Just so you know, I am a heterosexual, cisgender female, and what follows speaks only to that experience.) I answered truthfully — that I really didn't know.

It's scary as fuck to put up a photo of yourself on the internet and allow rando dudes to judge whether or not they want to date you.

(Mama didn't raise no fool.) I match with guys daily. But this experiment has afforded me one amazing bonus.When putting together my profiles, I hadn't given much thought to the photos I'd put up. I'd test this theory over the course of a month by changing up my dating-profile photos.(I'm a narcissist and think I look good in 99% of snapshots taken of me.) Some of the shots on my profiles are of me wearing red lipstick. For the first two weeks, across the apps Hinge, Bumble, and Raya, I'd only post photos of myself wearing red lipstick.(Read: no shirtless mirror shots, no photos with sedated tigers, and no snaps of guys sitting astride zebras, which is a type of photo that exists.) But I had to swipe right on at least 10 dudes a day.Which, considering I check my Bumble while waiting in line for coffee to kill time, was a cakewalk. I matched with just about every guy I swiped right on, and about two-thirds of those matches turned into conversations. Even though I wound up matching with over 50 dudes during my red period, I didn't go on a single date as a result of the apps.Instead of matching with every guy, I matched with around six out of 10 guys I swiped on.

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