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In 1943, however, this city ceased to exist as an administrative unit and was subsumed within the larger Tokyo metropolis, which includes rural and mountainous regions west of the city and the Izu Islands, stretching southward from the mouth of Tokyo Bay, and the Bonin (Ogasawara) Islands, some 500 miles (800 kilometres) to the southeast in the Pacific Ocean.

There are three other major cities within the metropolitan area. Both Yokohama and Kawasaki are in Kanagawa prefecture.

Bowls and dishes created by highly individualistic potters from all over Japan lend a touch of color to modern life.

Ivory Castle, Kenji Asano, Kaori Azuma, Shintaro Abe, Koichi Iinuma, Makoto Oki, Keicondo, Hiroshi Komazawa, Go Sato, Sanno-gama, Shima craft, Chihiro Sunayama, Takehara Tobo (Mitsuhiro Fujita), Tokobo Cloud, Akihiko Nakano, Shungo Nemoto, Hara Tokobo (Sumio and Kyoko Hara), Hiiragi Tsuchikobo, Tetsuya and Masako Furukawa, Yasuharu Morikawa Mashiko ware is made using clay and glazes in Mashiko.

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