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Growing up in a Catholic family in East New York in the ’90s, Yehudit Chervony, nee Yomaira Tamayo, didn’t even know what a Jew was.Now, she belongs to a strict Hasidic sect in New York.At her parochial school, she excelled academically.Through an organization for gifted black and Latino students, she scored a full-ride scholarship to Choate Rosemary Hall, a prestigious Connecticut prep school.Chervony’s rabbi and the rabbi’s wife walked the bride down the aisle instead. “Whoever walks you down, that’s how you’re starting your life off.” After the wedding, she dutifully shaved her head and began wearing a wig, as is customary for Hasidic women.

“I feel much more empowered as a woman [now],” she says.

Years ago, now Presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s private 727 took off from Los Angeles and landed in New York City, much as it had for years. While Trump wasn’t on board, three other passengers were — 3-year-old Andrew Ten and his parents.

What led to this trip is a story that’s both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Airlines Refuse to Fly Critically Ill 3-Year-Old to Doctors …

So Parents Call Trump An incredible story involving Donald Trump has just come to light, and virtually no one knows about it because, unlike what almost any politician would do, the billionaire hasn’t used it to boost his public image.

But at age 27, after a stint in jail, he’d devoted himself to living an ultra-Orthodox life.

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