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You also can share your success stories with our bisexual friends through our new feature "success stories".You can add your beautiful pictures to your profile. They love you madly, deeply until you refuse them money for i Tunes cards, etc. It is fun to play along, but don't go down the rabbit hole! Just had a Richard Nugee, from England but away in Syria, said Hello and i didnt answer him, then I get ?? So I said Hello, and he asked what I did for a living, and I said I was in the Police Force, and couldnt believe how quickly he disappeared!! Says he’s an MD on secret military mission in Afghanistan. Got very derogatory to my family, said I insulted him, wanted to know why they had to know about us. I chatted with 3 of these jerks who all had the same profession of being an independent contractor on these oil rigs. Story was inconsistent, and started getting very aggressive. The life jacket, the daughter in NY boarding school, and he gets ugly when he doesn’t get his way. Here are just a few names to watch out for: Jean Benson, Roland Mark, Devlin Mac Gregory, Paul Turek, Ben Piccio. Do not fall for him, baby, I love you, 6 months of total attention and BS!! Starts out on WWF’s and moves to Hangouts, doesn’t want anything but your love at first, but watch out, he’s a real charmer. Ignored pointed questions, cannot be located on background check, does not give email or phone number. He got very angry when I told him my family said he was an online scammer and I should block him. Begged me multiple times to send him a 00 i Phone so he could talk to me underwater. Not asked for anything declares his love for me quotes Song of Solomon from the bible again internet. Then he wanted 00 for an electric jacket so he could dive into the sea to fix something on the oil,rig to finish his contract. He has no one else and is on an oil rig 400 miles from land. Another man was impersonating Marcus Laubenthal who is a Brig. Thankfully I have a difficult password, which I just changed again. Played along and he thinks I'm a rich widow and sent photos of my villa lol I wish. Then it was a cell phone for his daughters birthday. Started talking sweet talk and then said he had a call from his son’s guardian and he is seriously ill and needs 0 before they can treat him. After playing him in Words With Friends, I see activity on my email account from various locations across the globe, like Vietnam, Taiwan, Russia, etc.

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They want to explore more within their bisexual relationship, including bisexual experience, video, bisexual fun. He claims to be a widow, wife died of cancer, has 11 yr old son but son lives in Germany with grandparents.Says he is an African priest and he is on his Africian soil. I told him he needed to go back to curse school because he is a failure. Within the past 3-4 months I have had 3 different men tell me they are widows with a child(ren). He told me he was an oil rig engineer, widow, single parent, blah, blah, blah. Wanted itunes card because it wasn't working to order it on his iphone. Smilingfreddy84 is using the photo and name of Steve Hopper, a motivational speaker. They can be very sweet and tender, until you annoy him and then they get ugly. Hackers use machines/programs to crack passwords nowadays.Just received another (well, 3 in total) game requests from a Peter Wilson. He didn't show up on background checks, pics that he'd send, he'd be wrapped up like winter when it was 85 degrees in Houston. Asked for an i Tunes card today and got blocked today. He has used 3 different profile pictures - claims one (a man in blue shirt with glasses) is his brother, one is him (in the snow standing in front of a car) and one is his son. Finally got around to asking me for money - ,000, to buy tools for his job so he could finish his contract and get out of there. To view his POF profile put in Google search engine: Plenty of Fish Roh4572. Oil Rig engineer, overseas in Turkey, wife died in car accident, and he has two children. Fell for me right away (I don't blame him, lol) but Im married, and I knew this was a scam right away.Bisexual Couples are looking to have a good time and keep their life always fresh, fun, and exciting!

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