Turtle from entourage dating


Works under Geese during the original Geese Howard's British right-hand man.

He wields a staff that freely separates into multiple chained sections, and which he can light on fire.

The Chinese master of Hakkyokuseiken and mentor to both Terry and Andy.

He, along with the trio of Terry, Andy, and Joe had participated in Geese's King of Fighters tournament but doesn't win.

A monk of a Buddhist order that has a steep rivalry with the Shiranui clan (the clan Mai belongs to and that Andy trained under). He had arrived in Southtown to destroy the Jin scrolls, which he perceives as a great evil.

An unhinged, murderous Yakuza, hired by the Jin brothers to look for the Jin Scrolls while serving as their bodyguard.

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When portraying a more righteous character, he does not wear the mask and goes by the name "Big Bear".Out of spite and jealously, Geese had killed Jeff in front of him, and both Terry and Andy seek revenge against him.After countless battles and many struggles, Terry defeats Geese from within their last fight at the top of Geese's personal tower building (The younger brother of Terry and a Mc Ninja.Although Andy fights Geese first, he loses badly, and Terry finishes the villain off... He's also the apple of Mai's eye, although he rejects her advances.A Japanese man who is well versed in the fighting art of Muay Thai.His devotion to Geese is total, and if you want to get to Geese, you have to go through Billy.

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