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I continued to trade emails with her because I was really interested to see how long it would be before a request for money came about. I am sociable, rather with common sense of humour, I like to read, listening some music, dance. I want to find to myself of a satellite of life with which one I would conduct the rest(remainder) of life. I today have said to the mum that to me the person from America answered. But I think that for us all will be good also we shall understand one another . I have no the telephone but would like to hear your voice. I simply I deal a part of my time now for the greater award hereafter.

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I think that to be happy is the most important thing in our life, and nothing can be instead of it. I like my work very much because I like to communicate with people. It is very great support in the life, and I cant imagine how to live without it.

I very much hope that we shall have hereafter occurring. I dance to rock of aged popular pieces of music and roll and New country. I like Jitterbug, two-stage, cha-cha and receive Lessons to study more. I already more reflect on ours with you the attitudes(relations) more seriously.

From sluggish odes to me, that I very smooth (smoothly varying) and idle time to follow. By the way, I never mentioned the father, because he does not live with us, he has left to other woman, when I was still absolutely small and we live with the mum together.

At the time I was writing a woman from her same city in Luhansk, Ukraine.

I told Alla that I will have my friend meet with her so I know that she is a real person and not just some fraud.

But it is very sad when day by day you can't meet a person to be happy with. All children are small angels in our earth, and we all love them very much. Now we with Liza are alone, and this period of life is very hard for us. Sometimes my kid asks me when we will have the father and I always answer to her that very soon father will come, we should just wait for a while. Probably we become the good friends or more, if we are very successful.

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