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Basic needs will not be met, and basic investments will not be made, by any invisible hand." UNICEF's executive director, James P.

Grant (CFR), announced that President Clinton's socialized health rationing plan would greatly improve things for families and children.

In September 1993, UNICEF released The Progress of Nations, its first annual report ranking nations by how well they are meeting the basic needs of children.

The report said one-fifth of American children live below the poverty line -- four times the rate of most industrialized countries.

Mullan said he knows of no UNICEF senior officer who has ever spent a night outside Mogadishu.

"They work in air-conditioned offices and live in air-conditioned villas and, apart from trips to the beach, that's the sum total of their experience in Somalia." PR Machine This picture of false piety and gluttonous excesses amidst the utter squalor and privation of the world's most destitute has been confirmed by many other observers, not the least of whom is British journalist (and former UNICEF consultant) Graham Hancock, author of The Lords of Poverty: The Power, Prestige and Corruption of the International Aid Business.

For decades, Americans have opened wide their wallets to help UNICEF provide medicines and immunizations, food, shelter, and development assistance to les miserables of the earth.

Every year, the UN's premiere charitable organization can count on compassionate Americans to cough up millions of dollars for UNICEF's Halloween trick-or-treaters and UNICEF Christmas cards.

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I asked Mogadishu [UNICEF] to investigate this and they sent out the same guy, this Somali, who signed the reports in the first place." ...

"Rather than encouraging humility and dedication," he found, "the world body's structure seems actively to reward self-seeking behavior and to provide staff with many opportunities to abuse the grave responsibilities with which they have been entrusted." "Personnel and associated costs," notes Hancock, "today absorb a staggering 80 per cent of all UN expenditures.

A body that claims it is struggling tirelessly for world development is thus also an elaborate support mechanism for its own pampered and cosseted staff...." However, thanks to an enormous public relations budget, UNICEF, like other UN agencies, successfully gulls Americans with images of saintly self-sacrifice and global compassion.

In its 1994 reports, as in those of previous years, the collectivist bent of UNICEF is seen not only in its proposals but in the "authorities" it quotes: International Planned Parenthood Federation, the Club of Rome, Worldwatch Institute, the Population Council, the Brundtland Commission, OXFAM, the World Bank, the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, and Paul Ehrlich, to name just a few.

If the philosophies and policies associated with those names suit your fancy, then UNICEF is the organization for you.

There the staffs live and work behind guarded walls, cut off from the steamy cities around them.

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