Universal rejection truth of dating and relationships


In many parts of the US and UK, police groups are almost overwhelmed with the abuse calls they get.Moreover, most women also have heard of cases in which domestic violence victims have called for police aid - only to be refused help or protection from their abusers. Though men are domestic violence victims as well, they run a much lower risk of being killed by a partner than women do.However, if he proves himself respectable and honorable, I should think that an honest nice guy would eventually come to terms with the fact that girl-in-question could have done a lot worse.On the one hand, it is tragic that she’s with another man, but on the other, there’s a certain righteousness in the first man’s sacrifice. Of course, only in the rarest of circumstances is any path easy, and each requires it’s own type of strength and persistence, but I have faith in the nice guy and not just because cinema has conditioned me so.Considering the risks, it doesn't take much to see why so many women stay silent about it.

Thus, in the most paradoxical of paradoxes, it is in being almost exactly what women claim to want that many respectable young men fail miserably. There is no greater injustice or frustration than that which spawns from watching someone you care about: someone who is worth the world and more to you walk away with someone who, as often as not, couldn’t care less.

Rather than see it as a reflection of the general problem, the men who get angry about it see it as a personal affront to them.

And, they react like they've just gotten the biggest insult imaginable.

It's a movement that basically says that men get the "raw end" of the dating deal and that women are just no longer worth marrying for one reason or another.

The movement itself is one that has long been known for its hatred of women, its inability to see women as people with feelings, and its highly vocal base that says that love is dead.

And, for the most part, it's a movement that never really had much of a female equivalent online.

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