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I called one of the actual passport offices and when I f In ALl Y got someone on the phone, they gave me the passport appointment line number and hung up.Once I got someone on the phone at the appointment line, booking the appointment was easy.You have to make an appointment by calling the passport appointment line and NOT one of the 7 passport offices.Good luck finding that super secret phone number on the website.There’s a fee for the State Department for each applicant and they only take checks – ours were 0 each. A couple of other tips: 1) If you are a AAA member, you can go to one of their offices to have passport pictures taken and it is only .Then, you pay the USPS (to put the applications in an envelope and apply a stamp) and they will take a credit card for that. They told us routine processing takes 4-6 weeks and expedited takes 2-3 weeks. 2) I had an impossible time getting someone to answer the phone to get an appointment in Charlotte as well.How should I try to make an appointment for my children who have to have passports, but we can’t get in touch for the mandatory appointment phone call?

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(2) Many applicants think that the parental information only has to be filled in if the applicant is a minor. The parental information must be completed for all applicants regardless of their age.

Or you can send in your original birth certificate.

All accompanying documentation, whether it is original or certified, will be returned to you by the State Department.

Also, it is somewhat misleading to say that USPS charges to put the applications in an envelope and apply a stamp. That fee is for USPS passport acceptance agents to review the passport application to make sure that the application and supporting documents meet the state department guidelines.

Some of the biggest mistakes we see are: (1) Applicants filling out the application in blue ink (even though it states right on the first page of the application that it is to be filled out in black ink ONLY).

Passport photos – They can be taken at CVS or Walgreen’s or at the passport office.

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