Updating blackberry themes lust dating


To learn about how to choose effective colors, see Color in the .The brand color for your app is also known as the primary color.When the brand colors change, the application generates a new UI palette and updates all core components in the scene to the new colors.Here's an example that allows the user to manually select the primary and primary base colors for the app.Usually, the framework uses the primary base color to create gradients with the primary color.and it's also used to specify the visual style for the app.

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The framework takes these items as input and generates an entire palette of colors that it uses for every visual component in the UI.If your app is run on a device with an LCD screen (such as the Because you might not know which device your app is running on, you should design your app's assets to work with both bright and dark visual styles.For example, if you use custom icons or other images, you should make sure that they appear correctly in both styles.The background color and text color of the button depend on the theme that the app uses.Similarly, the theme also controls the visual attributes of all other controls, such as the default background color of a The visual style defines most of the visual characteristics of the theme.This file is included automatically when you create a new project, and it contains general settings that apply to your entire app, such as permissions, build configurations, and author information.

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