Updating dataset in vb net

After that I use the specific dataadapter again to send the update command to the SQL-server.

Unfortunately the data does not get updated but I do not get any errors. Update Command = command; You could see following MSDN link for more details that you mean :) Sorry, I'm new with working with databases via . NET has a thing called the SQLCommand Builder that constructs all the necessary commands for you.

I know, these are questions of beginner, but I kindly ask you for answers. I use 3 different data sources and I use separate connections to each one (MS Access file, DBase files, My SQL server).

Is there some possibility to use SQL as if data were on one server? Is it possible to use LINQ similar like SQL queries (across more connections to databases)?

Hi, Unfortunately the link didn't help with my issue.The listboxes and listview are populated using a specific data-adapter that fill a specific dataset.When I remove a row in the listview, i am searching the dataset for that particular row and I delete the row from the dataset.Below is the code used with a third party control (C1True DBGrid), how do you modify it to work with a Data Grid View?This approach will save changes from each grid to an xml file. On line: Dim ds As Data Set = Direct Cast(Data Grid View1. Read Schema) ''''count = 0 eventhough the xml file contains data Data Grid View1.Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Rows(row)(col) = Data Grid View1(row, col) Hi, I tried you approach in part A but unable to load the grid because the record count = 0, when I tried the approach in Part B I am able to load the Grid but I received error message: Unable to cast object of type 'System.

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