Updating election polls


If Rubio endorses another candidate, he could give them his 163 delegates, though the rules vary from state to state. Marco Rubio suspended his campaign for president Tuesday night after losing his home state of Florida. EDT -- Donald Trump has a substantial 48 to 24 percent lead over Marco Rubio with nearly 400,000 votes counted, according to an early count Tuesday night of the Republican vote in Florida. EDT, but Trump has already declared himself the winner on Twitter. EDT -- With 1 percent of the vote announced in Florida, Donald Trump has a small lead, CNN reported Tuesday night.In some states, delegates are free to vote as they choose after their candidate drops out. He also warned Republicans that they might lose the 2016 election if they continue to rally behind Donald Trump and divide the nation."While we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side," he said. EDT -- Polls have closed in Ohio, while in Florida, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were far ahead of their rivals. There are 358 Republican and 691 Democratic delegates at stake in five states.The former secretary of state currently has 1,234 total delegates, which is over half the amount needed to win the nomination. Trump’s victory in the presidential race on Tuesday night capped a remarkable election in which several Democratic Senate candidates fell short and Republicans retained their majority in the House of Representatives.One-quarter of Florida’s electorate was white and over 60. Trump pulled most of his support from the Gulf Coast and the central part of the state, a hub for wealthy retirees, offsetting Mrs.

Striking a gracious note, he wished her well and said, “We owe her a major debt of gratitude for her debt to our country.”• Reading from teleprompters and flanked by Gov. Trump said he wanted to “reclaim our country’s destiny” and be bold and daring. Trump had the backing of 37 percent of voters under 30, the same percentage that Mitt Romney won in 2012.• Mr.

Trump also did well in Ohio, where voters ages 18 to 29 were 11 points less likely to support the Democratic candidate this year than in 2012, with Mr. Clinton won this group by a 62-point margin (79 percent to 17 percent). Trump, countering with a strong showing among whites, won the state.• The suburban share of the North Carolina vote increased to 38 percent, from 28 percent in 2012, while the share of the rural vote decreased by 10 points, to 24 percent.

Ned Foley alerted the world to the “blue shift” that has begun to characterize the trends in vote totals after the initial tranche of results are released on election night.

"We also are lining up great political support." UPDATE: p.m. John Kasich is the projected winner of Ohio's Republican primary.

It's his first win of the 2016 race and he is far behind front-runner Donald Trump in the delegate count, but the victory could help elite Republicans who want to stall Trump's march toward the nomination. EDT – Hillary Clinton is projected to win Ohio's Democratic primary, while a winner hasn't been announced in the GOP contest.

EDT — Hillary Clinton has won Democratic Primary in Illinois, securing 50.5 percent of the votes cast, the Associated Press reported. Anybody we do business with beats us."He said there was a record number of negative ads against him that "were mostly false."" We're going to make our country rich again.

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