Updating express gate


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hey guys, recently picked up a P5Q Pro motherboard which has been awesome so far, but i have been encountering an express gate issue.

The expressway would start at Yaojiayuan Bridge on Beijing's 5th Ring Road and stretch for 69 kilometres.

It would ultimately be connected to the eastern 4th Ring Road. The expressway would presumably be constructed in 2005, with a section opening in early 2006, and completion scheduled by early 2007.

If contacts are already grouped in the list view, you can click and drag the group by boxes to re-arrange the grouping order.

Or, to remove a group, click and drag the group below the header row and then release the mouse button when an X appears.

The Airport Expressway to Beijing Capital International Airport runs for under 20 kilometres and is one of the most used expressways in Beijing. It has no numbered expressway exits (except for one at the very beginning in central Beijing) and functions mainly as a city express route. Current Status: Not yet constructed; in planning Beijing's Pinggu District so far is the only district without an expressway link.

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