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Among the important uses GPS-enabled phones include location tracking, turn-by-turn directions, and other location-based services.

Downloadable tools, apps, and online services for GPS-enabled devices including the i Phone 6s are also made available for end-users to make the most of their respective mobile handsets.

The GPS system includes the chip in your device as well as the satellites above the Earth.

So even if your device is in the same place and the same setting as before, it may behave differently from one day to the next.

Issues with Bluetooth GPS accessories also manifest.

What causes these issues to occur on the i Phone 6s and what will be your options to deal with them?

This can get your i Phone back to the stable operating system with fewer software issues.

As the i OS downgrading is a little complex, you need to link to the topic page and get detailed tutorials.

Please refer to the troubleshooting steps listed in this article to prevent similar issues in the future.

Aside from the usual calling and texting functions, new smartphones are able to carry out various tasks that would benefit end-users.

Mobile devices like the i Phone 6s, for instance, can be used as navigational tool or mobile map that points out to destinations and many other functionalities.

But just like any other smartphone services, the i Phone’s GPS and location services are susceptible to minor and major flaws.

A matter of this fact, many i Phone 6s users have been raising pertinent complaints on the i Phone’s GPS that is not locating accurately, giving incorrect locations, GPS navigation errors, while others having trouble using GPS running apps on their i OS device.

Typically, the device needs to receive signals from about 5 satellites to get an accurate estimate of its position.

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