Updating kernel ps3 ubuntu

On Sat when my mates came over also had to uninstall xpad, the computer saw my xbox controller as if I had two of them plugged.

All actions were mirrored onto a ghost 3rd player, funny but annoying x D After some research saw there was a package on for that error -intel-microcode- and installed it.

Wait (won't take a long time); The installer will install the downloaded files.

Wait; It will prompt for: "0:auto mode YUV 60Hz 0i 0p 0p 80i 80p YUV 50Hz 6i 6p 0p 80i 80p RGB 60Hz 0i 0p 0p 80i 80p RGB 50Hz 6i 6p 0p 80i 80p VESA 11: WXGA 12: SXGA 13: WUXGA full screen mode: This dirty trick I learned with the help of my friend Rafael (the miracle man)! Restart the Iceweasel; To download Youtube videos, as an example, open the video's homepage, click on the bottom right corner of your browser(blue icon).

I have been having the same issue (not in the steam beta) with my steam controller, xbox one controller via usb and wireless xbox 360 controllers since the fedora 27 beta with kernel 4.13.

However, if I go back to fedora 26 and update the kernel to 4.13 I don't have the problem. I have played Rocket League with the Logitech usb game pad and Shanwan/Panhai PS3 bluetooth game pad years and now that is impossible.

I've tested many Linux distributions (Yellow Dog Linux 6.1, Gentoo ppc64, Fedora11, Ubuntu and some others); Debian squeeze Power PC64 and Slackintosh are the champions of performance and stability!

I'll try to explain how to install and configure the Debian squeeze Power PC64, in a simple way!

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It has a CELL processor and 256 mb ram (plus 256, from the video card, used as ram); it is a power tool that can run Linux perfectly well and stable!ENTER; Now its time to type your super-user password(root's pass). Re-type the same password: ********* and Press ENTER; Now, type your full name. I hope this guide has helped you to install and configure the Debian GNU/Linux ppc64 squeeze on your mighty Play Station3!Press ENTER; Confirm or type your desired Username (name/login of your common user account); Type a password for your common user and press ENTER; Re-type the same pass: ********** and press ENTER; Now, we will have to choose the mirros! If you don't, press ENTER (for me, ENTER); The installer will scan the mirror and download some files! You can use the Play Station3 video RAM as a regular RAM, which I approve! Follow the instructions that will be shown on a New Tab! Fully updated with backports and everything, and no problems. I have a feeling it's something to do with the kernel since I'm running the 4.10.0-38 kernel.These images are vulnerable to USN-612-1, a very serious flaw in the cryptographic library used to generate encryption keys.

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