Updating subversion


See the crediting section of the Coding and Commit Conventions of the Apache Subversion project. Information like author, where the change start/ends, the date, the bugzilla issue, and the author don't really belong in the code as SVN can keep it much more effectively without altering the coding style. The previous commit when done by an experienced committer should actually look like this: Use of the special fields will enable processing by scripts like the contribulyzer to help quickly identify contributors.See the Applying Patches section of the Committer FAQ page.That’s when I realized I obviously was running two different versions of subversion.A quick check proved that was the case, since I was using 1.7.x with Smart SVN 7.So I decided to point Smart SVN to my local working copy of the project and it proceeded to load up all the metadata into the app.Everything looked as though it had gone smoothly at this point.

The examples in the previous sections use a simple commit message with the "-m" option.The first step is to do a check out of the stable, release, branch.The following examples use the AOO34 release branch, and assume you want to apply changes from trunk for a new release, maybe AOO341.Stable, release branches, are specifically named and can be found in the branches area of the openoffice svn tree.With few exceptions you do NOT do direct commits to the stable, release, branches.A couple weeks ago I started using subversion via the command line on my laptop.

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