Updating the bios hp and compaq datingok org

Position the tong-like points of the chip puller tool on either side of the BIOS chip.

Press in on the tool until the points of the chip puller grip the outer edges of the BIOS chip.

While pushing on the keyboard through the opening by the wireless card, grab the top side somewhere in the middle and lift it up. Turn the keyboard over and place face down on the palm rest.

Before you can remove the keyboard, you’ll have to unlock the connector and release the cable.

Ensure that the label or company logo on top of the chip faces as it did on the old chip. Insert the pins of the chip into the pinholes or slots in the socket.

On the picture below you can see the connector unlocked. In the next guide I’ll explain how to get inside the display panel and remove the web camera module. Release the touch pad cable and remove the top cover assembly. If the chip becomes damaged, the system usually won't boot at all, resulting in the need to replace the faulty chip. Disconnect the power cord, monitor cable, keyboard cable, mouse cable and any other connected cables or peripherals from the Pavilion computer.Move the computer to a sturdy and flat work surface. Lay the Pavilion computer down on its side so that the left-side access panel is facing upward. In the next guides I’ll explain how to remove the LCD screen.

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