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If your form template will be used in the following scenarios, you will need administrator approval to publish it: To publish a form template that requires administrator approval, you must first publish your form template to a shared network folder, where the server administrator can upload the form template to the server running Info Path Forms Services, and then deploy the form template.Find links to more information about how the server administrator can deploy a form template in the See Also section.We have created a mirror site (a test site really) on a different farm so that we can test any changes that are made to the form/library before we affect our actual production site.To keep the two sites in sync, we create any new columns that we would like to promote in our test environment first and then we run powershell to get the information of that new column and create it in the production site so they have the same GUID.This allows us to have one Info Path form that can be published to more than one site.We create the columns by manually adding the column through the Share Point screens as a site column and then add it to our content type.The wizard then save the form template to the server as a site content type.

Publishing a form template is not the same as saving a form template.You should always use the Publishing Wizard when you want to make your form template available for your users to fill out.Top of Page When you publish a form template to a document library, every form that is created in that library will be based on the same form template.When you publish a form template as a site content type, the Publishing Wizard modifies the form template for use as a site content type.Just as you do when creating a new document library, you can convert your form template into a browser-enabled form template in the Publishing Wizard.Karl N_837 on Wed, The background: We have an Info Path 2010 form that is tied to a Share Point 2013 document library.

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