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Take an otherwise uninteresting object, and have the other characters (or at least one character) interact with it as if it is a real character, and you have a Companion Cube.Sometimes, the object blurs the line between real and imaginary by apparently doing things which would be hard for an inanimate object to do or telling people things they shouldn't have been able to already know, but the defining characteristic is that we the audience never, ever see it move of its own volition on camera, even if it clearly must've done something.“Just like expected, he’s just a gigolo,” comes a storm of sarcastic laughter!Suspicions toward Utada Hikaru’s Italian husband’s news of unemployment The 7/23 web version of “Josei Jishin” is reporting that Francesco Calliano, who married Utada Hikaru in May of this year, had already lost his job as a bartender at the time of the wedding ceremony.Even though Utada urged the press to refrain from releasing information about the wedding, at the private ceremony the press came out in full force.The media of her hometown attacked her for the end result, saying “Utada didn’t accept everyone.” On her side, a complete guard against the mass media was put up, but after that a surprising development was revealed.

Original Confidence Inc., the original Oricon company, was founded by the former Snow Brand Milk Products promoter Sōkō Koike in 1967.Or because you can make yourself a replica at home...Dolls and teddy bears are especially common examples, probably because they're humanoid, friendly looking, and meant to be bonded with.If you’re looking for an inside track, though, Epic Records, Utada’s current label, has also announced that she’ll be releasing a new album on June 27, titled Hatsukoi.The album will contain not only a dozen songs but also an entry form to apply for ticket purchase rights ahead of their general on-sale date, which would also give you four months or so to practice singing along to the new songs for when you attend the concert.We post about gossip for the sake of discussing topics that are not often talked about on this site and how the Japanese entertainment industry interprets certain issues within the context of their culture.

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