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we'd be at the gym id look over and he'd be looking then id look at him and he'd ask if i ever been fucked id tell him once but not for a long time ten he'd walk over and tell me to walk with him and we go into the locker room and i would touch his dick wile he was dressed then he pull it out fuck my face and fuck my forever then cum and keep going tie curling and all wet Phat daddy, your fat dick is.jucie and the right size in my eye, let see if phat daddy can fit in my tight space, you be the type of man that could get the business anyway you like, one things for sure you could bring yo.phate dick where my tight space is and grind my pussy ass! Phat daddy flies down to Houston to surprise me for the fantasy he comes to my house as I open the door I peep through the peep hole to see it's him I scream and den run and change. I pull his beautiful cock from his zipper and give him head.I open the door and he say wass up teddy bea I hug him we go to hotel were we can spend the weekend cause that's how long it's gonna take me to make him fallin on the way we chat ALITTLE den as he drives I get him ready wink wink we get to the hotel go into the room where for the frist 5min I act like I don't want him restraining myshelf he come over whisper in my ear come on u no u want to so I give in he rum my body down meal ting my clothes off when I switch it up and give him a message and it's I remove his clothing I use some whipped cream to eat that phat ass when we flips me over and dose the same we go to the tub to get unsticky was. He then gets undressed and fucks me on the dungeon floor.I leave his place and do it all over again another time. I use the jizz from the guy that was fucking me as lube & I stroke myself off in front of them.XXI want you daddy, I want you to meet me, let me suck your big cock, deepthroat balls deep till you cum, I'll rim ur ass, lick and suck your balls, lick those hot nipples. By the time I cum & open my eyes, I'm so into it that I really did drool all over my chest & end up with two fingers buried inside me & my cum all over my stomach Phat Daddy know he FINE !!! Thousands of singles join online dating sites every day. View photos and profiles of fun, like-minded singles. With seemingly endless options, the list below can help you find a dating site that fits your lifestyle.

And just as I'm about to cum from eatin that azz he spins me around and fucks me good and aggressively, then his brother joins in and Phat Daddy is fucking me in the azz while his brother King Dingo keeps shoving that dick down my throat at the same time.

He walks down stairs into a dungeon wear Race Cooper and Derek Reynolds are both waiting dressed like whores. He is the man and they are just a pair of fucking slaves to him. They remove his shoes and socks and start licking his feet and sucking his take his cock from his pants and share sucking him. He speaks to them like them orders and makes them shake their bubble butts like strippers.

He then fingers both their butts and fucks Derek whilst race puts his ass in Phats face. He then nuts on both thir asses and pics his clothes up and leaves without acknowleging them as if he just went to the toilet.

Then I'm going to put his dick in my ass and have him fuck me long and hard.

We going to be fucking in every position that we can think of. Then when he's going to cum I'm going to swallow it.

Then afterwards we going to go in the shower nd have sex in the shower.

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