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Young man’s father, businessman Michael Smurfit, was clearly not thrilled with the fact that the son chose a girl from Russia, although he could afford a marriage with an aristocrat.But Alex Smurfit remained adamant – no one opinion could change his mind.In 2011, Victoria Bonya starred in the video for the song of Maksim “How to fly”.In 2013 Victoria Bonya starred in the video of Mitya Fomin “I’m going home” and the same year became the presenter of the project “Vacation in Mexico -2”.On September 29, 2007 she became the presenter of the program «Cosmopolitan. In September 2007, starred in a photo shoot for the Russian edition of «Penthouse», in December Bonya appeared on the cover of the magazine «Maxim».In March 2008, Victoria Bonya was the face of Bonya catwalk show “Russian nesting dolls”.In 2008, Victoria Bonya starred in the video of the Russian hip-hop / R’n’B- artist Timati on the song “Do not be crazy”.In 2009, Victoria starred in the video for Dima Bilan romantic song «Lady».

We all know that among many net users there are those who try to trick and cheat on others, and they should be known by sight to protect other people from being used.Moreover, at the first meeting with his future sweetheart he came with his girlfriend.Nevertheless, Alex immediately noticed the star of reality show “Dom-2” and offered to meet again.Bonya said that when Alex started dating with her, many said that he was just a Lovelace playboy. But they were able to change each other in a better way. And he replied: “Yeah, you know, I want to be a young father. So, this child was not random, we both wanted it.” During pregnancy Victoria Bonya has taken a serious decision – to leave Russia and go along with her beloved to Monaco, where Alex has a mansion, where he used to live and work.In March 2012, Victoria gave birth to daughter Angelina Leticia – a citizen of Monaco.Today Victoria Bonya Smurfit and Alex continue to live in Monaco and raise their daughter.

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