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This here is a well known Trojan virus that called "DNSChanger". restart your PC normally and then u'll be able to consummate the update again. And to the Doctor..may have a phenomenonly expensive OS on a phenomenally expensive box but I bet you charge a phenomenonly high amount of money to patients.

q=what is a domain& IE-Search Box&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7&rlz=1I7GGLJ For some people who get the error code: 80244019. If the app is asking whether u restart your computer or delete these detected files, then click on ok, AND THEN u've to run quickly to your router and press the "reset" button with a pen or something else..7.

I checked on a computer that was upgraded from XP to Vista and is missing, so something is up.

A couple days ago I noticed that the Recycle Bin icon was not updating itself to show as "full" or "empty" without right-clicking on the desktop and choosing Refresh.

I downloaded hotfix (KB932406 and installed it and rebooted, but the Recycle Bin icon still does not update itself without a manual refresh. wpcoe what happened to you is that you have a shortcut to recycle bin and not the recycle bin itself on your desktop (i just tried it to see if thats it and the shortcut doesn't update).

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:) Possibly you had a domain policy that caused this? Thank you for sharing :) I wanted to say thanks for the help, i changed the change the Use WUServer-value from "1" to "0" and also ran netstop wuauserv - netstart wuauserv 4 as suggested and now the VP of my company is getting the updates that he has been needing since July 2009.thanks a ton guys, saved me from losing even more hair. To change this value, click on "Check online for updates from Microsoft Update" This should fix the problem.

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update itself correctly after adding a folder shortcut or downloading a file to the desktop.

thankx genex3m Did you upgrade Vista from XP or are you running Vista Home Basic or Premium?

It seems something is missing or it did not get installed for some reason.

– look to the left pane near the top and click Change Desktop Icons.

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