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Thank a donor or benefactor by adding a donationstone to your project. Have your favorite biblical scriptures set in stone like Moses did with a scripturestone. Specialty Stone and Glass Engraving Deeply etched natural stone and engraved granite pet memorials.

Namestones are REAL 100 MILLION YEAR OLD STONES carved out of an ancient Texas sea bed & delivered to your door... including the paint, sealer, and cardboard box it ships in!

To send a namestone as a gift, click "Gift" on the order form and add a note to the recipient!

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Stone palettes are then individually matted with a latex template, and then sandblasted for over 30 minutes at up to 100psi.

Then the engraving is carefully spray-painted with black Lithichrome paint- the same long-lasting paint that is used on cemetary gravestones costing thousands of dollars.

Imitator: Stone is barely etched on the surface with a computer laser.

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