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Matiné er vårt tilbud spesielt tilrettelagt for et voksent publikum hvor man kan oppleve kvalitetsfilmer i behagelige omgivelser og med dempet lyd.

Matiné avholdes ukentlig på dagtid og det tilbys de samme gode og aktuelle filmene som ellers i programmet.

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A good pickup line will work because exclaiming the incorrect words will destroy any probabilities in becoming familiar with the girl.This may prove truthfulness in wanting to get closer to the lady.Another thing ladies like to see in men is strength.In or about 1810 the Wife of Cheng married Chang Pao, retired from life at sea to take up a new career as owner of a gambling house, had a son, and lived until 1844 at which time she passed away peacefully as a 69 year old Grandmother.Chinese Pirate Queen and the Royal British Navy would have made fantastic allies....There are obstacles the person will need to victory over to have courage to make an impression on the girl and with some luck become a pair.

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