Who is clementine ford dating 2016 Sex roulete

This time she has really stirred up the hornet’s nest, and may get stung.

My message to those men at “Blokes World” is to use your brain if you want to destroy her.

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As we know, shaming and doxxing men is a hobby of Clementine Ford’s.

While I understand the frustration and anger these men have against misandrist Clementine Ford, I don’t think abusing her is going the right way about it.

Instead, they should be trying to damage her reputation by spreading her man bashing quotes for all to see.

This was right up the alley for Clementine Ford to play the victim.

As we saw in an earlier article, she uses this tactic to make money.

It’s unbelievable that feminists still complain about “misogynist” discussions, despite them occurring in closed groups.

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