Who is jared kushner dating


(It is also unclear if Ivanka’s invitations from Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to speak about women’s issues as a guest in their countries will still pour in if Robert Mueller’s investigation turns up something real.)That said, the Trump-Kushners appear to still retain the quality that is perhaps their most valuable asset: a singular, obstinate, almost super-human ability to compartmentalize.

And their success or failure—the answer to New York’s favorite parlor game: when will the couple move back to Manhattan?

Ivanka had been a trustee for their daughters, and the Trump-Kushners were on hand for their baptism in the Jordan River in 2010.

The event, co-chaired by Wendi Deng, Dasha Zhukova, and Karlie Kloss, among others, was attended by Ellie Goulding, Nicky Hilton, and Joan Smalls, who were decked out in Minnie Mouse ears, Dior gowns, glittering Gucci jumpsuits, and elaborate headdresses in accordance with the evening’s “mystical costume attire” theme.

They shuffled among the interactive theater experiences set up inside the 16th-century Vélez Blanco patio and onwards to the 18th-century Wrightsman Galleries, where they found tarot card readings, musical performances, and dancers weaving through a ring of flickering candles, eventually plopping themselves down on the cool floor in the shape of a cross.

President Trump himself has repeatedly reminded the couple of what a nice life they had in New York, before they were “getting killed” by the press in D. Their old life in New York, of course, no longer exists for them as it did. Kushner met with several Russian officials during the campaign and transition period, though he has denied any collusion.

Many of their onetime friends stepped away from the couple as they jumped in head-first to support her father and his policies, and few have rushed back toward them. Kushner has also turned over documents to Mueller’s team about his involvement in Comey’s ousting, according to CNN.

As their horizons have brightened, notably, their circle has tightened, whether by choice or not.

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