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Michael’s son, Cameron, pursued a career as an actor, but is best known for his legal troubles involving drugs.

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Gian-Carlo passed away at 22, but his daughter, Giana, is an actress.

Hawn became a comedy sensation, and married her second husband, musician Bill Hudson of the Hudson Brothers, in 1975.

Though they were only married a few years, she and Hudson had two children together, actors Oliver and Kate. Meanwhile, Kate is a popular rom-com actress, and has been involved with two lead singers of popular bands, Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes and Matt Bellamy of Muse. Hawn raised her children with partner Kurt Russell, another actor and the son of actor Bing Russell. Though he played hockey professionally for many years, Wyatt has now taken up the family business, and starred in the Season 3 How do four brothers, raised in a New York suburb by high school teachers, end up in show biz?

Francis’ uncle, Anton, is a retired composer, and is still alive at the age of 100.

Francis has three children with his wife, Eleanor, a documentary filmmaker: Roman, Gian-Carlo, and Sofia.

Jason is an actor and screenwriter known for frequently working with Wes Anderson and his cousin, Roman.

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