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Today he lives with his family in Halton Hills, Ont., in a house that, he says, will eventually be the "ultimate home." Know how much money you have to spend.It’s not a big deal to do your renovation in stages.You shouldn’t have to pay a contractor any extra money unless you’ve asked for something extra. Replacing dark or plain-white walls with bright colours will really open up your spaces.Be sure to choose colours based on flooring and furniture. You should only have what you absolutely need in your living room. Second, this is the time and place to find out about new materials.It's also a question that's on many homeowners' minds because picking the right contractor is so vitally important to the success of a project.

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As Mike states in the article below, renovations don't have to be frustrating.The less stuff you have, the bigger your rooms will look. Choose lasting materials rather than what’s cheapest.When you put work into your bedroom, you create a desire to spend time there rather than just using it as a space for sleeping. Third, check out your contractors It’s like a dating game: Ask 1,001 questions before you hire anyone.The internet is a good information resource but, like anything else, you’ll find at least 10 different opinions.I think the show has created awareness with homeowners, and I think it has given a great advantage to companies who care about their work.When Mike Holmes first hit the TV in 2003 with his debut show Holmes on Homes, he didn’t do so alone but brought his family along.

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