Who is tracey edmonds dating


By March 1999, though, Electra had filed for a divorce.

This celebrity couple looked like the perfect match: young, successful, attractive and happy.

Years later, Lopez admitted to cheating on Landry during his bachelor party in Mexico. However, they decided to try again and re-married in January 2006.

That marriage only lasted about two months before the couple officially divorced again.

The world got to watch this doomed marriage unfold on the big screen in her documentary “Part of Me.” Perry claims Brand texted her in December 2011 to tell her he was filing for a divorce.

The marriage was so short that Ellen De Generes infamously forgot Perry had been married at all when the singer appeared on her show in 2017!

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It wasn’t about being in love.”Lisa Marie Presley (daughter of Elvis Presley) wed actor Nicolas Cage on Aug. Cage, Presley’s third husband, had proposed just 10 days earlier.

The pair had an on-again, off-again relationship over the years and had a son together, Elijah Blue.

This outrageous couple actually pretended to be married longer than their marriage actually lasted!

But, only five months later, Green filed for a divorce from Barrymore citing “irreconcilable differences.”Actress Milla Jovovich married actor Shawn Andrew when she was only 16 years old, partly to prove how grown up she felt!

“I was 16 and feeling emancipated, so I ran off to Vegas and got married to an actor,” Jovovich later told Britain’s Daily Mail.

It only took three months for the couple to decide to split. It all started out like a fairy tale for Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson on July 9, 2006, when the couple officially got married.

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