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But the rising electropop star made a quick first impression.During the performance of her song “Colors,” Halsey, who is openly bisexual, asked for all the single ladies in the audience to raise their hands.For queer female celebrities, coming out is only the beginning.Can an artist like Halsey — bisexual, biracial, and transitioning from internet to mainstream fame — avoid the pressure to straighten her image?But 2015, which saw her opening for The Weeknd and Imagine Dragons, was only the beginning.

Male pop singers, for their part, have traditionally been vehicles through which preteen girls have explored and expressed their budding sexuality, to the dismissal and disgust of “real” (read: male) music fans.

”This was far from the first time that Halsey, who is now 21, had kissed a girl in her audience.

On Tumblr — where, a few years ago, Halsey was a popular Harry Styles stan who wrote and recorded goofy songs trashing Taylor Swift — the phenomenon has been extensively catalogued.

And pop, historically, has not been a place where many out queer women have thrived.

Those who have been queer and successful — like lesbian singer Lesley Gore in the ’60s and ’70s — were mostly closeted at the height of their fame, or passed easily as straight, or (in her case) both.

Halsey beckoned for Steele to come closer to the stage.“She leans over and kisses me,” Steele recounted recently over Twitter DM.

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