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Optimus Prime uses his Matrix of Leadership to revive Sentinel Prime.

Megatron engraves the All Spark’s location into Witwicky’s glasses, then sends the transmission back to Cybertron.

Before The Last Knight hits theaters on June 21, catch up on the full Transformers story with our handy-dandy guide!

The first Transformers story begins with the history of the Transformers.

The Autobots head up to the moon to investigate, and they discover the previous Autobot leader, Sentinel Prime, comatose on the moon.

He is surrounded by pillars that were meant to teleport things between the Earth and the moon.

But the Transformers story so far, over the course of Michael Bay‘s first four films, has detailed a surpsingly complex plot that includes how the Transformers were involved in human history and how they plan to use Cybertron technology to take over Earth – before they start wailing on one another.

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